Real Neat Blog Award

real-neat-blog-awardThis is about something, which I never really expected. I don’t know much about this award stuff but it definitely is an interesting part of blogging.  This “Appreciation” motivates one to write more . I would like to thank for nominating me and making me feel my presence on WordPress.

We will go as per the rules. I will have to answer 7 questions asked by the one who nominated me. So, let us start the Q & A session.

Q. Where do most visits on my blog come from?

A. I forward the link of whatever I write to the people I love, to the people who I feel are important in my life. So they are the one’s who visit it more often.

Q. What is my favourite sport?

A. My favourite sport is Football, although I am a bad player but I do follow it keenly, Fernando Torres being my fav footballer of all time(His armband proved it was a red, Torres, Torres)

Q.My Special moment so far in 2017?

A. I turned 25  on 22nd March.

Q. My Favourite Quote?

A. “No matter how hard it is, No matter how hard it gets, I have to do it” by Mr. Les Brown.

Q. My fav Class when still at School?

A. Class VII, I started loving a girl, She is married Now.

Q. Anything I had wished to have learned earlier?

A. Anchoring may be, I wanted to be an English News reporter.

Q.What Musical Instrument I tried to play?

A. Harmonium, the teacher shouted on me & I realised its not my cup of tea.

See you people Soon, Good day!!!!!!


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It’s a Dad Daughter Thing

Dad:- We are searching a Groom  for you.

Sister:- I want him to be like you.

A girl  wants her Guy, the one she is marrying to be like her Dad. To care for her, to love her the most like her Dad does. If the Boy matches  to the slightest level of her Dad, boom, is the perfect choice for her.

        My Sissi is happily married today.


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Finally the end is near. I will no more be in my early 20’s. I am 24 & the time is 23.37 P.M. Unlike all my birthday’s where I was quiet, shy & immature, this time I am excited. I am excited to turn 25. Happy Maturity..Happy Birthday to me..Yes I am Self Obsessed & I love it. & Ofcourse we should not forget “Happy World Water Day”

          Last Years Gift, Bbye 24


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What am I doing??

There are many among us who don’t know what the fuck they are doing in their life. I am referring here to the career that we choose, ‘Wantedly or Unwantedly’.I know what the fuck I am doing in my Career & I am not at all happy with it. I love talking to new people, to admire, to boost people & here I am, a ‘Survivor’.When I refer to Survival/Survivor I mean  to say  “The Mediocre’s”. I believe I have so much potential to do ‘Awesome’ in my life but I have choosen  ‘Mediocrity over Passion’.I love to be a crowd favourite, when I say crowd fav, I mean to say to ‘Stand up among Thousands’. To deliver ‘Great’ presentations, to have fruitful conversation’s is what I can do & look, look here, what I am doing with myself?? I am ruining my charm bitch, for just some money bitch. Now let’s have faith in ourselves & start loving Mediocrity. Deep Breathe, Mediocrity..Deep Breathe, Mediocrity… Deep Breath, Mediocrity…….!!


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Titanic View Point 

I was heading towards my hometown & my flight, ofcourse cheapest among all was scheduled at 7.30 p.m. I reached Delhi Airport at around 2.30 p.m. I had to pass the time & staring girls alone was not helping me do that. A Sardarji, one with the turban was sitting besides me with his wife. I started with, Hello Sir!! He replied Satsriyakal ji, who are you??? I responded the same like I always do,  I am a tunnel engineer, digging a tunnel in J & K, how about you, what do you do???He was familiar with the place as he had spent his entire life in Jammu & Kashmir. He was an ex Army Officer in Border Road Organisation, BRO we say. We discussed the issues of J & K, the culture, the beauty of J &K. He had a tough time in the place as militancy in Kashmir was at peak, back in 1992.He along with  major Bhupender Singh was given the responsibility to build roads in the valley. His partner was martyd during the time and  Titanic view Point, the point that depicts the start of valley is dedicated to his memory. I got to know from the Gentleman that his partner was Nimrat Kaur’s father. Nimrat is an actress doing quite good in Bollywood.
The Officer’s  wife concentrated much on the topics related to the natural beauty of Kashmir rather than Militancy . She treated me like her own child. I just can’t describe the care that I saw in her eyes. It was 5.00 P.m & the couple had to leave for Raipur. We exchanged greetings & that was an end to a conversation worth sharing. There is no meaning of Happiness until & unless it is shared. Love you all. Good night.


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Arranged Marriage’s

It’s been a long long time since I have dated someone. People of my age group are getting married with their loved ones but Oh my God, I am single since last 4 rambling years. Thank God their is a provision of arranged marriage’s in India, else people like me would have been single throughout. 

I am interested in getting married, in falling in love. Of course love happens after marriage in my case. The girl, she must be somewhere, smiling, eating, dating someone maybe, I do care. I wish she should be as good as I am. This is crazy but I love it. Her beautiful eyes, lips, the face, nose, I can imagine all of her. We talk, we walk, we love, we fight.The best thing about arranged marriage’s is that we don’t know much about the person  whom we are marrying .Living with an unknown under the same roof, beginning from the start sounds fun .

I have a messge for her,”Dear girl, where ever you are, you are about to get married to a great great guy. I am Awesome. From Kashmir, with Love.”

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Old Age Love

Q. What gives you Satisfaction?
A. Making Old Age people Smile.

 I miss my grandma & grandpa. I miss the way they cared when I was young. Playing cards with grandpa to eating tasty Parathas cooked by my grandma. I miss them so much.I never entertained them, was mean to them and I feel sad about it. 

Recently, me along with my colleagues took a day off from our work & went to Patnitop, a hilltop tourist location that is nearby to our workplace. We reached Patnitop at around 7.00 pm in the eve. It was dark & cold with bonfires springing up, down in the hotel premises.Few Old Age people were already siting there, calm & quite. We too went down and sat around the bonfire. Everyone was silenty staring the bonefire, not uttering a single word from their mouth. 

I felt the need of interaction. In a loud voice I shouted, “Hello”. Nobody gave a damn. I again shouted, ” Hello”. People started staring me.

 I began with “Basically I am a Tunnel Engineer, digging a Tunnel at around 60 kms from Patnitop. I want to dedicate a song to you all”.I used to sing songs when I was in college & this was the best place to revive those moments. ” Phulo ke rang se, dil ki kalam se, tujhko likhi roz batein..” was the song I sang that night. I made the moment mesmerising, people loved it. They had a smile on their face and the best part was they all started talking to each other, interacting to each other.

If you have an Old Age member in your family, value their traditions, make them smile ,make them feel good. Believe me.. It will give u a feeling of accomplishment & satisfaction.

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Jhelumas is the Kashmiri Pronunciation of river Jhelum. In most of the words Kashmiri’s add ‘s’ in the end. So Jhelum becomes Jhelumas. 
Now basically Jhelumas is a beautiful song written & sung by Alif, a Kashmir / Pune based singer. The song describes the Courage of Kashmiri Women, the difficulties she faces and how she overpowers it by her faith & will.

The song is in Kashmiri but I suggest everyone to visit YouTube, type Jhelumas Alif and listen to the song.I am writing here the wonderful lyrics in English, my roomie being a Kashmiri helped me in understanding the same.

The video has a beautiful lady, and the song starts like

Hold my hand , help me in crossing the river Jhelum.

I’m feeling dizzy when I look at river Jhelum.

People are looking at Jhelum and wondering how vast is the river.

The One with Courage can only cross river Jhelum.

I am sitting on the damp bank of river Jhelum

Somebody  please help me in crossing the  bridge of Jhelum.

The end of boat is weak and the boat may go down in Jhelum.

I feel scary on the boat as it may sink in Jhelum.

Who will listen, whom should I speak to,

River Jhelum is tormented in fire,

I have a fear of getting drowned in river Jhelum.

My phiran( an outfit) is getting wet in river Jhelum.

I am feeling cold here in river Jhelum.

People say that I can cross river Jhelum.

I don’t know who’s the one, waiting at the  end of river jhelum.


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Mood Extremes

I have always been a moody soul

Enjoying a company of 3 or 4 to living alone happily,

Healthy conversation with a bunch of idiots to being silent & quite,

Speaking good English to hating English like anything,

Working hard at office to disliking the same most of the times,

Carrying a Positive attitude to hitting extreme lows,

I have hurted people and have been bad to people,

I have apologised to people and have hurted them again,

I have been jealous at times , selfish & mean at times,

I tried to change myself & in the course have hurted some again,

I want the society to accept me, the way I am,

To see the good in me and to ignore the bad,

Let’s end the conversation now and hate the world again !!


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Demonetisation in Khari,Banihal.

The current hot topic in India obviously is Demonetisation. 500 & 1000 Rupee notes getting banned & new Maroon color 2000 Rupee note, ruling the market. Now, this Demonetisation has both, good side & the bad side. Good like everyone knows, the people with black money are facing the axe. I will mainly talk about the bad side here.
My work place Khari,Banihal, just has one bank. People here generally keep their money with themselves in the view that bank with take all their money and run away. They have lakhs of rupees with them and Now, they are opening bank account in the banks first and then depositing the cash with penalities. 

I laughed on the incident first but then I realised that it’s not their fault. It’s absolutely not their fault. They are just not educated enough. They never knew the importance of bank. So, better late then never, atleast they all have account’s in the bank is what I am happy about.

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