Story Of A Graduate Civil Engineer..

Starting my day full of Confidence,

Will take good shower and have excellent breakfast,

Will put on my clothes,to fight with life ..

A vehicle full of idiots,waiting on the road.

My heart starts beating,

No.. No…Please don’t go there, all idiot creatures..can make me  an idiot ..

But no….I had to be there…to earn money, to fight with creatures, to fight with life.

I am in the vehicle now…..I don’t wanna go…I can’t fight with creatures..I can’t fight with life..I wish..I could have said that.

The vehicle stops at the site…n yes…I am in a deep depression now !!

 My senior questions me..are you done with all the calculations?????

Oh no…my mind is Asleep…I am in a different world..I am not able to answer anything.

The sun shining making me black…

Thank god I have beard,covering my half face,

A part is white,a part is black…

Trees standing still, laughing on me, Hahaha,”Look the idiot has arrived”

In between sand,stones & cement..see here comes the Graduate Civil Engineer.

The soil is excavated, the pits are ready, the contractor is ready, the labours are ready, the machineries are ready…

But me…. No, I am not ready, I can’t shout on the contractor, I can’t shout on the labours, I can’t handle the machinery…No I don’t wanna do this work is what I feel….it makes me sick.

Watching the sky..the blue blue sky..when will you come down..when will the sun set, is what I think.

And now comes the evening,the sun is setting,the sky becoming dim.

N here comes a smile on my depressed face, here I am smiling,yes I am smiling..

My time is started, my mind is activated, the vehicle is telling me…”Come..I l drop you home” 

I am in my room now…

Again comes the shower, will have wonderful dinner.. Relaxing on my bed…n this is what I call “Peace”

I am not yet over.. Starting my go into the wild, Yes its a movie…”Into the wild”

Some beautiful lines of Christopher John McCandless…hitting my mind..

“Sea’s only gifts are harsh blows, and occasionally the chance to feel strong.. Now i don’t know much about the sea..but that’s the way it is here.. Not to be strong but to feel measure yourself once in the most ancient of the human conditions.. facing the blind deaf stone alone with nothing to help but your hands and your own head”

Oh yes..I am having the best feeling..I am lost into the wild.

I am sleepy…I am waiting…for the day…the pathetic day..sun, trees, sand, stone, cement, contractor, labours, machines, all waiting for me…

But then yes..I have to survive..I will have to survive.

N here comes the morning.

Starting my day full of confidence,

Will take good shower and have excellent breakfast,

Will put on my clothes,to fight with life !!


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