Another act of foolishness.

I live in the rural part of Telangana, a newly formed state in India. Here, we don’t have water filters at our place. People either drink the unfiltered water that comes directly from the municipality tap or they collect the filtered water in a 20 litre can from a filter machine i.e  newly setup in the town. For the filtered water,we need to apply for a card that costs 100 bucks with an amount of 50 rupees in it. 5rs will be deducted from the card at a time for 20 litres of filtered water.
I don’t own a bike here so I used to take my landlord’s bike to fill the water from the newly setup filter machine. I went there, got the water filled in the can after showing the card. I felt a little unusual when I sat on the bike to return to my place as the key of the bike was already placed. I stopped thinking and came back to my place. I gave the key back to the landlord saying a formal thanks to him. The landlord checked the key and started shouting “It’s not my key”. I checked my pocket and the key was there . I realised that something went wrong. The landlord immediately ran outside..he saw the bike & asked me that who’s bike is this,its not mine”.the only difference between his bike and  the bike that I brought was of the mirrors and the number plate. He shouted on me and took me to the water filter’s place. his bike was standing there. A boy was standing there too crying for his bike. I went to that boy,gave his bike to him and explained him the matter .The landlord ordered me not to ask for his motorcycle again and  here, A new act of foolishness was added to my life.

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3 Responses to Another act of foolishness.

  1. Suhail Javed Mazumdar says:

    Bhai …..itna khoya mat reh !!!!


  2. Hum to aise hai bhaiya


  3. Piyush says:

    Sahi mai! Bhai kis dunuiya mai khoya tha??


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