The day I started getting bald.

Its really tough to accept baldness. I was a hero during my graduation days..used to keep long hairs, used to change my hairstyle more often. I was in my final year when I first noticed the receding hairline..I felt so bad..the feeling is such that I can’t express.  Still I didn’t bothered much about the hairline and kept my spikes up. When I started my 1st job…the hairline started receding more. I googled about baldness..I came to know about the types of baldness i.e  frontal and central. I started using minoxidil 5 percent which is basically used for central baldness rather than frontal. I used to apply it on my frontal hairline portion,thought it might do some magic on me. I used it for a month but the outcome was zero. minoxidil is for patient people and not for impatient souls. I got inspired by ramdevbaba and applied onion juice on the bald portion,still I couldn’t see any progress.  Infact ,I used mineral water to take head bath but all I could see was fallen hairs. Slowly n slowly I started accepting the fate ..I started accepting my baldness. “My baldness gives me strength” were the words by Zinedine Zidane,the 1998 fifa world cup hero.I gave up on my baldness and  finally regaining  my lost confidence after accepting it.


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1 Response to The day I started getting bald.

  1. Piyush says:

    lol.. Budhe ho rahe hai bey aapan. Parachute lagake dekh …


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