Happiness is sleeping on the terrace.

The summer season is back . being a site engineer I have to work under the sun. I just can’t tolerate the hot sun looming above my head, killing me every minute ,every second. Recently,I had an argument with my client…having an argument is okey. But having an argument under the hot sun is like a torture. I was totally disturbed,really had a bad day at work.
I was back to my place,was staring the walls in my room,was counting the blades of the fan. I was not even having a cooler or an air conditioner in my room. So, I decided to sleep on the terrace of my building as my room was burning hot..I took a mat and a pillow along with me to the terrace. I laid the mat, myself got laid on the mat. My body was straight facing the beautiful sky. My palms were wide open, my mind was relaxed. Cold winds were blowing ,keeping the situation, the moment perfect. I left my cell phone in my room. So there was no one to disturb , no one to take away the perfect situation from me. It was just me, the stars and the sky..felt like the stars are interacting with me. I was breathing deep. I had an ever lasting smile on my face. Kept smiling until my eyes got closed. The day was cruel but the stars and the sky made my night perfect.

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2 Responses to Happiness is sleeping on the terrace.

  1. Piyush says:

    Nothing beats sleeping on the terrace.


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