Wrong train

Wrong train is one worst thing that can happen to anyone..Unfortunately, I was the victim. I was on leave for few days. I had booked a Tatkal AC3 tier ticket from Nagpur to Gudur( near Chennai). I had a perfect night out with my college friends a day before. My train(G.T express) was scheduled to arrive at 12.15 pm on platform no. 2. There was already a G.T express at platform no. 1. I didn’t give a damn and entered the train. The train started..I was so happy, enthusiastic to work again. I started my laptop ,was watching a movie when the ticket collector came. He asked me to show the ticket. He started laughing after seeing the ticket and told me that the train is going to Delhi and I was in the wrong train. A fat Punjabi lady who was sitting in front of me started laughing. I felt so bad , bizarre, unlucky …I felt like killing myself for this .The most unfortunate thing was that the berth no. that I got was empty. The next stop was Itarsi junction and I decided to step down and see if there was any other train that was scheduled to Gudur. Swarnajayanti express was the train that was going to my destination and was scheduled at 7.00 pm.I gave some money to the Ticket collector and got a  sleeper berth. I was already 14hours late.I started at 12.00 pm from Nagpur junction and crossed it at 12.00am,was literally laughing on myself. My mother called and asked me that did I reached Gudur and how was the journey. I explained her my story and she started laughing too. All my excitement and enthusiasm to work again turned into hopelessness and depression.


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One Response to Wrong train

  1. Piyush says:

    lol… maaja tab aata jab Delhi jaane ke baad tujhe pata chalta!


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