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Living Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Living Out Of Your Comfort Zone is a real sensible topic to discuss. Yes, its a serious issue for the people who migrate from their zone of comfort to an uncomfortable zone or a new place for some time period. … Continue reading

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Crime Partner’s

Anshu Dubey(right) is one hell of a guy I have known since my childhood. We are like brothers,equally frustrated & impatient in our lives.We cry 24*7, eat like a monster,talk loud, fight with people, love loneliness,laugh like an idiot and … Continue reading

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Rajasthan tea shop

Rajasthan tea shop is probably the best place to hangout in Nustulapur that is 15 kilometres from Karimnagar .I take out my depression,frustration,anger, happiness with a sip of tea  .Everyday I go there, I see a mentally retarded lady who … Continue reading

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