Rajasthan tea shop

Rajasthan tea shop is probably the best place to hangout in Nustulapur that is 15 kilometres from Karimnagar .I take out my depression,frustration,anger, happiness with a sip of tea  .Everyday I go there, I see a mentally retarded lady who talks to herself, shouts on everyone , always asks for 5 rupees to have tea. I enquired about her and found out that she belongs to a rich family but her only son threw her out of the house. Since then, she lives on the streets of Nustulapur.
I meet an English teacher almost everyday. He has a scooty pep that he purchased recently on Emi. He teaches English in a secondary school for just 3,500 bucks. He is 47 years old and still searching for a bride. On daily basis ,their are about 50 customers who don’t pay for tea. I often meet a karate teacher , a black belt in his credit,he earns 4,000 bucks per month.
      Life would have been certainly impossible in Nustulapur without Rajasthan tea shop. After all, a sip of tea is all we need to share thousands of feelings.


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2 Responses to Rajasthan tea shop

  1. We should be glad with whatever we have today..hari om

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  2. pit says:

    I am so glad my life is the way it is. What you have written paints a very different picture. It’s making me think…


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