Crime Partner’s


Anshu Dubey(right) is one hell of a guy I have known since my childhood. We are like brothers,equally frustrated & impatient in our lives.We cry 24*7, eat like a monster,talk loud, fight with people, love loneliness,laugh like an idiot and much more.We completed our secondary schooling together before we moved on to pursue our respective goals.
We met regularly during our graduation days. Devils double, a movie was released during that time…Movie is  based on the true story of Latif Yahia who was forced to work as a body double for Uday Saddam Hussein. Anshu used to copy Uday’s style..the way he laughed, his dialogues, his madness everything.
He called me Qusay, the younger brother of Uday…those days were awesome.We behaved like criminal’s then.
He is busy with his Mba stuff and I am busy working.We will surely meet some day and will become Crime Partner’s again ..I am dying to watch him saying “My brother’s…welcome to Baghdad”


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