Living Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Living Out Of Your Comfort Zone is a real sensible topic to discuss. Yes, its a serious issue for the people who migrate from their zone of comfort to an uncomfortable zone or a new place for some time period.

I belong to the northern part of the country and was posted in an extreme southern region at my very first job. It was a town named Srikalahasti being famous for the Shiva temples in South India. before reaching the place I was quite excited to begin my professional journey from a region that was very new to me. I reached my destination, got settled with the food, mainly idli’s & dosa’s in the breakfast & rice at lunch & dinner. I got settled with the lifestyle too but when it came to work, I felt helpless.

I was in an environment where I was a lone north Indian ,with all the other staff belonging from the southern region itself. I was kept aside with nobody willing to accept me as an employee/friend. I felt so lonely,so bizarre,so pathetic, can’t truly express the feeling . I hated everyone ,I lost my personality there, was no more cheerful, lost the smile that I used to carry with me everyday. I was sinking in the boat of meetings were being held for the progress stuff. I was not even called in the meetings because for those people I was just a shit.

I felt so bad, I was tortured, was bullied at work. same was the case with a guy who got unfortunately posted in Srikalahasti, an Msc in chemistry he was tortured at his work too. we accidentally met in a bar and became beer friends for the timespan.
As the time passed, I matured from a boy to an individual there . the survival is tough but if we follow some basic rules we can actually survive in an uncomfortable zone to kill the time.

-A day at a time….its easy to survive if we stop thinking about our glorious past or not so happening future. just make it a challenge for yourself…a day at a time.

-Fight with people….you know you are not wrong. believe me it will give you immense pleasure. start arguing..nobody will throw you out of the organization.

-Learn new culture….learning new culture was truly a great experience for me. I am thankful to god for giving me the opportunity to know about the people living in the different part of the country.

-Pen down……..write down your strengths and weaknesses.make your weakness your strength. you will definitely succeed.
And it is indeed very true that if we are not happy at the professional front we can never be happy at the personal front.


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2 Responses to Living Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. batrah says:

    Dear friend, I will surely take your comment as a compliment.


  2. So true! I hope that venting your emotions in writing is helping you. You are a very good writer – in English, whether you like it or hate it at the moment.

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