Meaningful Advice

Imagine your roommate going after your girlfriend and you don’t know what is cooking between your roommate and your gf. The same thing happened with a close friend of mine. He was devastated, was shattered and broken into pieces when the truth was in front of him. He loved her and she made a fool out of him. I  tried to help my friend but the outcome was zero. Kunal whose room was next to that of my friend’s  was also there to console.
He gave us some really meaningful advice that I am sharing here.

* God is for real?? No one know’s..but is there any superpower.yes, there is a superpower controlling things. So, we should wakeup every morning , pour our gratitude towards the one controlling us and say thankyou to him for giving us this wonderful life.
* Thank people who are important in your life and who stood behind you when you were weak. Your parents , friends, pour your gratitude towards them.
*Smile, no matter how tough the situation is. Accept the change and move on. Yes, it is easy to say that but there are no choices.
*The last advice was to change the thought process that hits our brain and then our soul. This thought process is given in the book, “The power ofNOW“,  by Eckhart Tolle. Like if I am thinking about my friend and his gf dating , change the thought with the smile of your mother. It depends on you. The total thought process depends on you. Just change the thought and you will feel relaxed.
I followed the advice, poured my gratitude towards the superpower, my parents ,my friends ,and believe me you feel different. You feel confident.
I started changing the thoughts and it actually works. My friend is following the advice too but I guess this thought process is a failure when you are heartbroken.  Things will certainly change along with time
for him.


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