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Jhelumas is the Kashmiri Pronunciation of river Jhelum. In most of the words Kashmiri’s add ‘s’ in the end. So Jhelum becomes Jhelumas.  Now basically Jhelumas is a beautiful song written & sung by Alif, a Kashmir / Pune based … Continue reading

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Mood Extremes

I have always been a moody soul Enjoying a company of 3 or 4 to living alone happily, Healthy conversation with a bunch of idiots to being silent & quite, Speaking good English to hating English like anything, Working hard … Continue reading

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Demonetisation in Khari,Banihal.

The current hot topic in India obviously is Demonetisation. 500 & 1000 Rupee notes getting banned & new Maroon color 2000 Rupee note, ruling the market. Now, this Demonetisation has both, good side & the bad side. Good like everyone … Continue reading

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Fake Punjabi

I am one of those Punjabi’s, who enjoy the tag of  being a Punjabi but can’t speak the language. we people can sing Punjabi Songs, but we actually don’t know the meaning of the song. These kinda Punjabi’s are referred … Continue reading

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Lopamudra Raut

You all must be knowing Lopa, a successful model & Big Boss 10 contestent. It was 16th October & I was sitting with my colleagues, watching T.V in the Engineer’s mess. Bigg Boss season 10 was running live on the … Continue reading

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Kashmir Crisis

I am from India, working in J &K.The situation here is miserable & pathetic all thanks to Indian Government. It’s not that I don’t love my country. My heart beats only for India but I feel bad about what is … Continue reading

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Boss & his Kashmiri Accent

I am kinda lucky to have a chillaxed boss unlike other bosses who continuously pinch their subordinates. He is from Anantnag, Kashmir & I am seriously a fan of his cool attitude. I won’t comment on his work, but in … Continue reading

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