Jammu & Kashmir

It’s been a long time since I have written something. The reason whatsoever is bullshit, I was busy searching a job,self actualisation, introspection, bla bla blah…Anyway’s, I will first welcome myself to WordPress again. So, Mr. Batra, “Welcome to WordPress

A lot has happened in the past 9 months. Actually the best part is, I got a job. I hated my previous job of a site engineer. So here I am ,an Engineer-Quantity Survey. The job basically deals with the money involved in the project. I had always dreamed of having a job in the mountains, with less people around, an office on a hill, cold breeze etc etc.

And here it is, I got posted in a tunnel project in J & K. I am posted in &, not in Jammu, Not in Kashmir.The salary is mediocre but believe me, It’s so good to be here.People here are generous, Undoubtedly. There is so much to explore.. I am away from Society, pubs, getting fairer day by day.I am feeling positive, more then ever. I am in love with Jammu & Kashmir.


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3 Responses to Jammu & Kashmir

  1. tigre23 says:

    Congratulations and welcome back to blogging! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the ‘follow’. Look forward to seeing more of yours. Peace and blessings 🙂


  2. Partha Sarathi Samantaray says:

    Mr. Batra a very chilly welcome to you.
    Thanks for joining us.
    Two linea for you.

    Yeh pahad yeh wadiyan,
    Swagat karte tumhara yahan,

    Yahan ke baraf ki najaren,
    Jaise ki hai ye bus tumhare,

    Ye jharne ki khilkhilahat,
    Bhar de tumhare dil me muskurahat,

    Tum raho hamesa aabad,
    Yahi hai tumhe hamari saugat…


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