Boss & his Kashmiri Accent

I am kinda lucky to have a chillaxed boss unlike other bosses who continuously pinch their subordinates. He is from Anantnag, Kashmir & I am seriously a fan of his cool attitude. I won’t comment on his work, but in person, he is too good. He Always Shout’s whenever he is in office & make others feel his presence. Like I greet him in the morning, Good Morning Sir. Reply, In an extreme loud voice, “Ha Himanshu, Sab thik hai, Sab Maze me, Khairiat Sab“.He is always in a hurry like there is a train waiting outside.

 On his Accent, I have started copying him whenever I talk to a Kashmiri. Like Plus becomes Palus, Work Order becomes Warak Aarder, Kerb becomes Kerab & much more.’Haider’ movie had the same Kashmiri Accent wherein ‘loved becomes lovead’, sucked becomes suckad’,’ kicked becomes kickad’..Do try this if you are reading, it will certainly bring a smile on your face. 


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