Kashmir Crisis

I am from India, working in J &K.The situation here is miserable & pathetic all thanks to Indian Government. It’s not that I don’t love my country. My heart beats only for India but I feel bad about what is happening here in Kashmir. It’s always the land we have loved, not the people. I was a big fan of our P.M Mr. Narendra Modi until I was living in that part of India. After coming here, I got to know what actually the reality is. The saddest part is, Kashmir is burning and we are letting it burn. Mr. Modi never visited Kashmir since the crisis started. I always thought that Mr. Modi was above all, a great leader, but he proved me wrong. He is also the same, like other politicians. People here have lost faith in the Indian government. Mothers loose their children everyday, some get lost, some become local militants and fight for their “Aazadi“.#Aazadi to breathe normally like us. #Aazadi to roam free in their very own state. #Aazadi to watch movie in a cinema theatre.

Kashmir is an integral part of India and we need to take care of this integral part. Kashmir needs love , Kashmiri‘s need love.



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