Lopamudra Raut

You all must be knowing Lopa, a successful model & Big Boss 10 contestent. It was 16th October & I was sitting with my colleagues, watching T.V in the Engineer’s mess. Bigg Boss season 10 was running live on the television. Deepika Padukone entered the house to greet contestants and to wish them luck. A lady carrying a crown on her head, greeting deepika like she was knowing her very well, Who was she I thought?? All of a sudden, I started shouting , she was my classmate, she was my classmate. I know her, I know her, she is Lopamudra Raut. Others were like, what the fuck are you talking?? I told them the whole story. She was my batchmate, an Electrical/Electronics something engineering student. I had interacted with her few times. She is just as normal as we are, except she chased her dreams enough to be on the top. I do remember an interaction with her on the Garba Nights organised by my college. I never knew she was about to become such a big star.I am so happy for her, I  congratulate her on her success and I wish her all the very best in whatever she is upto.#GoodLuckLopa


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