Fake Punjabi

I am one of those Punjabi’s, who enjoy the tag of  being a Punjabi but can’t speak the language. we people can sing Punjabi Songs, but we actually don’t know the meaning of the song. These kinda Punjabi’s are referred to as” Fake Punjabi’s”. My grandparents migrated from Pakistan(undivided India /Pakistan)at the time of Partition & got settled in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. Being surrounded with maximum Maharashtrian’s, there was no question of learning Punjabi. I finished my schooling in M.P and spent my next six years in Nagpur, well known as Orange City, again surrounded by Maharashtrian’s. I was lucky enough to meet few Punjabi’s, fake, who too were like me, enjoying the status and talking Marathi. 

I typed ” Fake Punjabi”  on google to download a Pic related to the same and this is what I found.

Well, I am not alone I believe….


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