Demonetisation in Khari,Banihal.

The current hot topic in India obviously is Demonetisation. 500 & 1000 Rupee notes getting banned & new Maroon color 2000 Rupee note, ruling the market. Now, this Demonetisation has both, good side & the bad side. Good like everyone knows, the people with black money are facing the axe. I will mainly talk about the bad side here.
My work place Khari,Banihal, just has one bank. People here generally keep their money with themselves in the view that bank with take all their money and run away. They have lakhs of rupees with them and Now, they are opening bank account in the banks first and then depositing the cash with penalities. 

I laughed on the incident first but then I realised that it’s not their fault. It’s absolutely not their fault. They are just not educated enough. They never knew the importance of bank. So, better late then never, atleast they all have account’s in the bank is what I am happy about.


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