Jhelumas is the Kashmiri Pronunciation of river Jhelum. In most of the words Kashmiri’s add ‘s’ in the end. So Jhelum becomes Jhelumas. 
Now basically Jhelumas is a beautiful song written & sung by Alif, a Kashmir / Pune based singer. The song describes the Courage of Kashmiri Women, the difficulties she faces and how she overpowers it by her faith & will.

The song is in Kashmiri but I suggest everyone to visit YouTube, type Jhelumas Alif and listen to the song.I am writing here the wonderful lyrics in English, my roomie being a Kashmiri helped me in understanding the same.

The video has a beautiful lady, and the song starts like

Hold my hand , help me in crossing the river Jhelum.

I’m feeling dizzy when I look at river Jhelum.

People are looking at Jhelum and wondering how vast is the river.

The One with Courage can only cross river Jhelum.

I am sitting on the damp bank of river Jhelum

Somebody  please help me in crossing the  bridge of Jhelum.

The end of boat is weak and the boat may go down in Jhelum.

I feel scary on the boat as it may sink in Jhelum.

Who will listen, whom should I speak to,

River Jhelum is tormented in fire,

I have a fear of getting drowned in river Jhelum.

My phiran( an outfit) is getting wet in river Jhelum.

I am feeling cold here in river Jhelum.

People say that I can cross river Jhelum.

I don’t know who’s the one, waiting at the  end of river jhelum.



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