Old Age Love

Q. What gives you Satisfaction?
A. Making Old Age people Smile.

 I miss my grandma & grandpa. I miss the way they cared when I was young. Playing cards with grandpa to eating tasty Parathas cooked by my grandma. I miss them so much.I never entertained them, was mean to them and I feel sad about it. 

Recently, me along with my colleagues took a day off from our work & went to Patnitop, a hilltop tourist location that is nearby to our workplace. We reached Patnitop at around 7.00 pm in the eve. It was dark & cold with bonfires springing up, down in the hotel premises.Few Old Age people were already siting there, calm & quite. We too went down and sat around the bonfire. Everyone was silenty staring the bonefire, not uttering a single word from their mouth. 

I felt the need of interaction. In a loud voice I shouted, “Hello”. Nobody gave a damn. I again shouted, ” Hello”. People started staring me.

 I began with “Basically I am a Tunnel Engineer, digging a Tunnel at around 60 kms from Patnitop. I want to dedicate a song to you all”.I used to sing songs when I was in college & this was the best place to revive those moments. ” Phulo ke rang se, dil ki kalam se, tujhko likhi roz batein..” was the song I sang that night. I made the moment mesmerising, people loved it. They had a smile on their face and the best part was they all started talking to each other, interacting to each other.

If you have an Old Age member in your family, value their traditions, make them smile ,make them feel good. Believe me.. It will give u a feeling of accomplishment & satisfaction.

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