Arranged Marriage’s

It’s been a long long time since I have dated someone. People of my age group are getting married with their loved ones but Oh my God, I am single since last 4 rambling years. Thank God their is a provision of arranged marriage’s in India, else people like me would have been single throughout. 

I am interested in getting married, in falling in love. Of course love happens after marriage in my case. The girl, she must be somewhere, smiling, eating, dating someone maybe, I do care. I wish she should be as good as I am. This is crazy but I love it. Her beautiful eyes, lips, the face, nose, I can imagine all of her. We talk, we walk, we love, we fight.The best thing about arranged marriage’s is that we don’t know much about the person  whom we are marrying .Living with an unknown under the same roof, beginning from the start sounds fun .

I have a messge for her,”Dear girl, where ever you are, you are about to get married to a great great guy. I am Awesome. From Kashmir, with Love.”

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5 Responses to Arranged Marriage’s

  1. God day to you too!

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  2. batrah says:

    Hahaha, Thankyou so much Mam. Goodday!!

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  3. Of course, dear, and I very much believe in arranged marriages, It will work for you, you’ll see!

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  4. batrah says:

    I am still young, just 25 Mam.

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  5. Good luck and many blessings to find your true life partner and be happy with her!

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