Titanic View Point 

I was heading towards my hometown & my flight, ofcourse cheapest among all was scheduled at 7.30 p.m. I reached Delhi Airport at around 2.30 p.m. I had to pass the time & staring girls alone was not helping me do that. A Sardarji, one with the turban was sitting besides me with his wife. I started with, Hello Sir!! He replied Satsriyakal ji, who are you??? I responded the same like I always do,  I am a tunnel engineer, digging a tunnel in J & K, how about you, what do you do???He was familiar with the place as he had spent his entire life in Jammu & Kashmir. He was an ex Army Officer in Border Road Organisation, BRO we say. We discussed the issues of J & K, the culture, the beauty of J &K. He had a tough time in the place as militancy in Kashmir was at peak, back in 1992.He along with  major Bhupender Singh was given the responsibility to build roads in the valley. His partner was martyd during the time and  Titanic view Point, the point that depicts the start of valley is dedicated to his memory. I got to know from the Gentleman that his partner was Nimrat Kaur’s father. Nimrat is an actress doing quite good in Bollywood.
The Officer’s  wife concentrated much on the topics related to the natural beauty of Kashmir rather than Militancy . She treated me like her own child. I just can’t describe the care that I saw in her eyes. It was 5.00 P.m & the couple had to leave for Raipur. We exchanged greetings & that was an end to a conversation worth sharing. There is no meaning of Happiness until & unless it is shared. Love you all. Good night.


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