Jhelumas is the Kashmiri Pronunciation of river Jhelum. In most of the words Kashmiri’s add ‘s’ in the end. So Jhelum becomes Jhelumas. 
Now basically Jhelumas is a beautiful song written & sung by Alif, a Kashmir / Pune based singer. The song describes the Courage of Kashmiri Women, the difficulties she faces and how she overpowers it by her faith & will.

The song is in Kashmiri but I suggest everyone to visit YouTube, type Jhelumas Alif and listen to the song.I am writing here the wonderful lyrics in English, my roomie being a Kashmiri helped me in understanding the same.

The video has a beautiful lady, and the song starts like

Hold my hand , help me in crossing the river Jhelum.

I’m feeling dizzy when I look at river Jhelum.

People are looking at Jhelum and wondering how vast is the river.

The One with Courage can only cross river Jhelum.

I am sitting on the damp bank of river Jhelum

Somebody  please help me in crossing the  bridge of Jhelum.

The end of boat is weak and the boat may go down in Jhelum.

I feel scary on the boat as it may sink in Jhelum.

Who will listen, whom should I speak to,

River Jhelum is tormented in fire,

I have a fear of getting drowned in river Jhelum.

My phiran( an outfit) is getting wet in river Jhelum.

I am feeling cold here in river Jhelum.

People say that I can cross river Jhelum.

I don’t know who’s the one, waiting at the  end of river jhelum.


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Mood Extremes

I have always been a moody soul

Enjoying a company of 3 or 4 to living alone happily,

Healthy conversation with a bunch of idiots to being silent & quite,

Speaking good English to hating English like anything,

Working hard at office to disliking the same most of the times,

Carrying a Positive attitude to hitting extreme lows,

I have hurted people and have been bad to people,

I have apologised to people and have hurted them again,

I have been jealous at times , selfish & mean at times,

I tried to change myself & in the course have hurted some again,

I want the society to accept me, the way I am,

To see the good in me and to ignore the bad,

Let’s end the conversation now and hate the world again !!


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Demonetisation in Khari,Banihal.

The current hot topic in India obviously is Demonetisation. 500 & 1000 Rupee notes getting banned & new Maroon color 2000 Rupee note, ruling the market. Now, this Demonetisation has both, good side & the bad side. Good like everyone knows, the people with black money are facing the axe. I will mainly talk about the bad side here.
My work place Khari,Banihal, just has one bank. People here generally keep their money with themselves in the view that bank with take all their money and run away. They have lakhs of rupees with them and Now, they are opening bank account in the banks first and then depositing the cash with penalities. 

I laughed on the incident first but then I realised that it’s not their fault. It’s absolutely not their fault. They are just not educated enough. They never knew the importance of bank. So, better late then never, atleast they all have account’s in the bank is what I am happy about.

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Fake Punjabi

I am one of those Punjabi’s, who enjoy the tag of  being a Punjabi but can’t speak the language. we people can sing Punjabi Songs, but we actually don’t know the meaning of the song. These kinda Punjabi’s are referred to as” Fake Punjabi’s”. My grandparents migrated from Pakistan(undivided India /Pakistan)at the time of Partition & got settled in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. Being surrounded with maximum Maharashtrian’s, there was no question of learning Punjabi. I finished my schooling in M.P and spent my next six years in Nagpur, well known as Orange City, again surrounded by Maharashtrian’s. I was lucky enough to meet few Punjabi’s, fake, who too were like me, enjoying the status and talking Marathi. 

I typed ” Fake Punjabi”  on google to download a Pic related to the same and this is what I found.

Well, I am not alone I believe….

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Lopamudra Raut

You all must be knowing Lopa, a successful model & Big Boss 10 contestent. It was 16th October & I was sitting with my colleagues, watching T.V in the Engineer’s mess. Bigg Boss season 10 was running live on the television. Deepika Padukone entered the house to greet contestants and to wish them luck. A lady carrying a crown on her head, greeting deepika like she was knowing her very well, Who was she I thought?? All of a sudden, I started shouting , she was my classmate, she was my classmate. I know her, I know her, she is Lopamudra Raut. Others were like, what the fuck are you talking?? I told them the whole story. She was my batchmate, an Electrical/Electronics something engineering student. I had interacted with her few times. She is just as normal as we are, except she chased her dreams enough to be on the top. I do remember an interaction with her on the Garba Nights organised by my college. I never knew she was about to become such a big star.I am so happy for her, I  congratulate her on her success and I wish her all the very best in whatever she is upto.#GoodLuckLopa

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Kashmir Crisis

I am from India, working in J &K.The situation here is miserable & pathetic all thanks to Indian Government. It’s not that I don’t love my country. My heart beats only for India but I feel bad about what is happening here in Kashmir. It’s always the land we have loved, not the people. I was a big fan of our P.M Mr. Narendra Modi until I was living in that part of India. After coming here, I got to know what actually the reality is. The saddest part is, Kashmir is burning and we are letting it burn. Mr. Modi never visited Kashmir since the crisis started. I always thought that Mr. Modi was above all, a great leader, but he proved me wrong. He is also the same, like other politicians. People here have lost faith in the Indian government. Mothers loose their children everyday, some get lost, some become local militants and fight for their “Aazadi“.#Aazadi to breathe normally like us. #Aazadi to roam free in their very own state. #Aazadi to watch movie in a cinema theatre.

Kashmir is an integral part of India and we need to take care of this integral part. Kashmir needs love , Kashmiri‘s need love.


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Boss & his Kashmiri Accent

I am kinda lucky to have a chillaxed boss unlike other bosses who continuously pinch their subordinates. He is from Anantnag, Kashmir & I am seriously a fan of his cool attitude. I won’t comment on his work, but in person, he is too good. He Always Shout’s whenever he is in office & make others feel his presence. Like I greet him in the morning, Good Morning Sir. Reply, In an extreme loud voice, “Ha Himanshu, Sab thik hai, Sab Maze me, Khairiat Sab“.He is always in a hurry like there is a train waiting outside.

 On his Accent, I have started copying him whenever I talk to a Kashmiri. Like Plus becomes Palus, Work Order becomes Warak Aarder, Kerb becomes Kerab & much more.’Haider’ movie had the same Kashmiri Accent wherein ‘loved becomes lovead’, sucked becomes suckad’,’ kicked becomes kickad’..Do try this if you are reading, it will certainly bring a smile on your face. 

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